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About Us

Contact Information

We would be glad to answer your questions about English Springer Spaniels -- our breeding program, care, training, or exercise. Thank you for visiting our site. You may email us at

Our Beginning

Nicky, an English Springer Spaniel

I purchased my first English Springer Spaniel in 1978, when I graduated from college. Since I wanted to show in obedience, I needed a purebred AKC registered dog. I did not want a small dog but the dog could not be too big for an apartment. After researching different breeds, I decided on an English Springer Spaniel. They met my criteria for a dog and springers were supposed to be intelligent enough to do the obedience work I wanted to do. So I poured over the newspapers from the surrounding towns. After several months of looking, I found my puppy. He was a cross

between the field and bench style ESS. I learned a lot from him. He put up with my novice grooming mistakes, fumbling conformation classes, "old style" obedience training, and marathon tracking sessions. He was my constant companion and apartment sitter. He went on to finish his CD in 1980 with placements in the Novice A class. I entered him in a few tracking tests, but we were unable to complete his title due to health issues. Unfortunately, by the time he was six, his severe hip dysplasia led to aggression issues that I could no longer manage.

Before Nicky's problems became severe I was been bitten by the "dog show bug." By this time I had learned the correct way to look for a puppy -- to go to a reputable breeder, what questions to ask of this breeder, and what health problems could occur. I spent months going through old issues of the Springer Review and the AKC Gazette show results. I decided to get a puppy from Bonnie Bosley of Bordalyn Springers. Her dogs were winning in the show ring and were also able to compete in obedience. I had to wait for what seemed like forever as it was over a year before she had a puppy for me. But it was worth the wait.

On July 3, 1983, Charlie (Ch Bordalyn's Beloved) whelped a litter of eight puppies. I could hardly wait to fly out east to pick up my special puppy. My wait was finally over. Brenna was 10 weeks old when she came home with me. Brenna was registered as Bordalyn's White Shoulders after the perfume and for the large white collar she sported. Brenna's litter brother Bandit, Ch Belvoir Caveat of Bordalyn, went to Cindy Wheeler of Mystic and is behind many of the Mystic dogs.

In 1986, Brenna was bred to Ch Sycamore's A Team, producing seven puppies. Out of this litter I kept one girl, Tegan, Ch Brendael's Midnyht

Brenna, an English Springer Spaniel

Special CD CGC. A second girl, Morgan, Brendael's Glowing Moment, went to Rob Satoloe of Birchwood to become one of their foundation bitches. Brenna went on to finish her championship, compete in obedience and tracking, and to whelp a second litter of puppies. She was one of the first dogs at our training facility to complete the AKC's Canine Good Citizenship test at nearly eleven years of age. My kennel is named after her. Bren for Brenna and dael - the Old English spelling of dale = Brendael.

Since Brenna arrived, I have had a few litters of puppies as well as training, competing, and titling dogs in conformation, obedience, tracking, and agility. I am an active member of the local obedience club, having served as secretary and trial secretary for many years. I also belong to the English Springer Spaniel Field Trial Association and I am listed as a breeder referral for Indiana.

At Brendael, our goal is to breed dogs that are sound in body, mind, and spirit. We strive to have our dogs not only meet the breed standard but to have the health, temperament, intelligence, and ability to be family companions, and also participate in a variety of companion events. Any dog bred is OFA hip and elbow certified, CERF clear, seizure free, and has normal thyroid levels.

Enjoy exploring our dogs and their accomplishments throughout the pages on the web site. Past and current dogs have their own pages, just click on the link. In the future we intend to add photos, where we have them, of the dogs' ancestors linked from their pedigree.

Susan Armstrong

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