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U-Ag2 Brendael Heirloom Treasure CD RN AX AXJ CGC

(U-Ag1 CH Brendael Midnyht Reflections CGC x Brendael Royal Heirloom CGC)
"Teddy" x "Katy"

liver/white female born October 16, 1998
Hips OFA Good - Elbows Normal - PRA Carrier - CERF Normal



Brianne came from a singleton litter born at the vet's office. As this was Katy's first "litter," she had no idea that this little puppy was hers. So, Brianne was hand-raised from birth. She is my special heart dog, my constant companion, and an excellent performance dog. At 17.25 inches tall, she is on the small size. Once she aged out of puppy class we showed only sporadically in conformation, putting most of our focus on the performance rings.

On August 6, 2004, Brianne whelped a litter of seven puppies sired by A/C Ch Mystic's Just Fine TD. Aidan and Rosanne are from this litter. She has been working hard teaching the puppies everything she knows.

Brianne has completed the following titles:

  March 2002 UKC United Agility I   May 2003 AKC Companion Dog
  April 2002 AKC Canine Good Citizen certificate   December 2003 AKC Excellent Agility Jumper
  May 2002 AKC Novice Agility   January 2004 AKC Agility Excellent
  September 2002 AKC Novice Agility Jumper   November 2004 UKC United Agility II
  February 2003 AKC Open Agility Jumper   May 2006 AKC Rally Novice
  March 2003 AKC Open Agility      

Other than working on tracking, she has retired from the performance ring. She spends most of her time helping me to develop a business designing gemstone jewelry.

English Springer Spaniel - Brianne 1 week  English Springer Spaniel - Brianne 10 weeks English Springer Spaniel - Brianne and Teddy
2 weeks old, you have to have some kind of litter mates. I eat well since I don't have to share.  10 weeks old, evaluation time. I guess my mom decided to keep me.  5 mos. My grandma lets me sleep with her
English Springer Spaniel - Brianne and her lamb
and my daddy plays with me, even if my doggie mom won't have anything to do with me. 7 mos at the Kokomo fun match. 18 mos I still have my lamb.
 English Springer Spaniel - Brianne jumping
 3 years I have curly hair. 2002 I sure love agility! Shown here completing my AKC Novice Agility title. October 2002 first Open legs
2003 Gem City Agility Trial with all my ribbons. 2003 Excellent Standard! I love to run! 2003 National Specialty
English Springer Spaniel - Brianne and weave poles English Springer Spaniel - Brianne's puppies
Weave poles are hard. I finally caught on well enough to complete my Excellent titles. Fall 2003 My seven puppies by Brandon born August 6, 2004. They sure are a lot of hard work. Rosanne is on the far left and Aidan is on the far right. I am not sure why I told my mom to keep him. He is still noisy!
English Springer Spaniel - Brianne
2004 With Aidan and Rosanne at the MOTC halloween party. 2004 I got to be a model for Mid West crates. In 2005 we went to the national. I am wearing the necklace my mom made for me. I have to keep on her. We started a business using the healing properties of gemstones to design jewelry.
I got dusted off to be the courtesy dog for Rally Excellent at our MOTC Rally Trial. The man was nice enough to take pictures of me too. See I do remember how to do this. 2009 National at St Louis. I got my own chair and stole my mom's catalog.
November 2009 I am 11 years old. Too old to be doing this show stuff. I got to be the one to pose for the Holiday Greeting card.

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