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Ch Keswicke Georgian Xact Timing VCD2 JH AX AXJ x
C-ATCH Ch Brendael Treasured Moments RN MXB MJB OF CGC PS1 PR1 PD1
"Cabot" x "Rosanne"

6 puppies born May 16, 2010
3 b/w boys, 2 b/w girls, 1 l/w girl




This litter has an interesting story. We were at the 2009 National were I was looking at stud dogs for Rosanne. At the same time Karen Foster (Georgian) was looking for a bitch to breed to Cabot. A friend of ours knew we were both looking to breed our dogs. She introduced us and the rest is history. So, she is either to be praised or blamed for the actions of this litter. Karen and I emailed back and forth for several months, ironing out the details of co-breeding the litter. Karen would have her pick of the boys, and I would have my pick of the girls. Rosanne was considerate enough to have three boys and three girls. Enough of each sex that Karen and I were able to chose the puppy we wanted. We don't actually name the puppies in our litters. Instead we identify them by a theme. This litter of puppies was identified by colors of roses. Enjoy the pictures of this litter growing up.

The Crimson puppy stayed here with me. She is Aubrey, Brendael Timeless Moments. She has her own web page. The Russet puppy went to live with Karen. His name is Brinkley, Georgian Any Given Time. The Apricot puppy lives with friends of Karen. Her name is Abby, Brendael It's About Time. The three of them are doing quite well in the show ring.

  January 2013 Brinkley (Russet) finished his AKC Championship


My friend Ripple gave me a green frog when I went to stay with Karen in Georgia. I am starving to death. I am sure there is more food up here somewhere. Will these puppies every come? I am getting uncomfortable.
The six colors of roses theme for the litter. The three boys. Buff, Russet, and Maroon The three girls. Crimson, Blush, and Apricot
1 day old -- Maroon 1 day old -- Crimson snuggled with mama. 2 days. I didn't want my puppies in any old box. I about gave my mom heart failure when I moved them to the sofa. It is much more comfortable here. Look close and you can see their feet.
1 week Safe and warm in the whelping nest. 2 weeks Apricot and Blush. She makes a comfortable pillow. 3 weeks We finally got food to eat.
3 weeks Maroon Singing. We "stole" mama's green frog. 4 weeks Apricot We get lots of baths in the wash pan. 4 weeks. Maroon, Blush, Crimson, Russet, Buff, and Apricot. At least I think that is the order.
4 weeks Out exploring the world under mama's watchful eye. 5 weeks Apricot We went outside this week exploring new places. 5 weeks This is a cat toy? I think it is a pretty good puppy toy.
6 weeks Russet We have lots of toys to play with now. 6 weeks The balloons were fun. They bounce and rattle. The strings make good tug toys. 7 weeks Russet We've been outside more this week.
8 weeks Crimson 8 weeks Blush 8 weeks Apricot
8 weeks Maroon 8 weeks Buff 8 weeks Russet
8 weeks Crimson Hey! I want back in there with the others. I don't care that I am dirty and they have had their bath. 8 weeks Buff We went someplace new today to explore 8 weeks Very tired puppies exploring new territory.
9 weeks Blush Taking a break 9 weeks This thing moves. 9 weeks Apricot I think I can go up the teeter just fine on my own.
9 Weeks Buff Water is the best! 10 weeks We went to an agility field to run while we were in Georgia. 10 weeks Blush I won, I got the toy.
8 mos Brinkley at the Chattahoochee specialty 8 mos Abby at the Chattahoochee specialty September 2012 Brinkley at the National.
We are 2 1/2
September 2012 Brinkley September 2012 Abby September 2012 Abby

Rosanne | Aubrey


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