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C-ATCH CH Brendael Treasured Moments RN MXB MJB OF PS1 PR1 PD1 CGC

(A/C CH Mystic's Just Fine TD JH x U-Ag2 Brendael Heirloom Treasure CD RN AX AXJ CGC)
"Brandon" x "Brianne"

liver/white female born August 6, 2004
Hips OFA Excellent - Elbows Normal - PRA Normal - CERF Normal - PFK Normal



Rosanne goes by Rose for short. She only gets called Rosanne when she is in trouble or at agility trials and other "official" functions where we have to use her "real name." Rosanne is one of those dogs that a breeder only dreams about. Beautiful, intelligent, willing to do almost anything I want to do, but has a bit of an mischief thrown in as well. She has taken me further than I ever thought I would go.

Rose has been though multiple classes at our training facility. Although Rose enjoys taking rally and obedience classes, her real love is agility. She is competing in several venues, earning titles in all three. In May 2011, she completed her CPE (Canine Performance Events) Agility Championship. In AKC, she has earned Master Bronze levels in Standard and Jumpers. As of June 2013, she needs 3 double Qs to complete her AKC Agility Championship.

In 2010, we took a break from agility when Rosanne whelped a litter of six puppies sired by "Cabot," Ch Keswicke Georgian Xact Timing VCD2 JH AX AXJ. Aubrey is the puppy we kept out of the litter. Brinkley lives with Karen Foster, who co-bred the litter. Abby lives with Lin Atchley. You can see photos of the puppies on the link here.

July 6, 2013 Rosanne delivered a litter of three puppies sired by "Ollie," GCh Kytra's Keep to the Kode. You can see photos of the puppies growing up on the link here.

Rosanne has completed the following titles:

June 2006 AKC Canine Good Citizen certificate   December 2009 CPE Level 4 Fun Games
August 2007 CPE Level 1 Standard agility and Level 1 Handler Games   January 2010 CPE Level 4 Standard agility and Level 4 Handler Games
October 2007 AKC Rally Novice   September 2010 CPE Level 5 Fun Games
December 2007 AKC Novice Agility   November 2010 CPE Level 4 Strategy Games (finishes all L4) and Level 5 Handler Games
January 2008 CPE Level 1 Fun Games   December 2010 CPE Level 5 Standard agility
March 2008 AKC Championship   February 2011 AKC Agility Excellent Jumper
April 2008 CPE Level 1 Strategy Games (finishes all L1)   May 2011 CPE Level 5 Strategy Games - Finishes CPE Agility Championship
May 2008 CPE Level 2 Standard agility, Level 2 Handler Games, and Level 2 Fun Games
AKC Novice Agility Jumper
  June 2011 AKC Agility Excellent
July 2008 CPE Level 2 Strategy Games (finishes all L2)   October 2011 AKC Open Fast
October 2008 AKC Open Agility and Open Agility Jumper   December 2011 AKC Master Agility and Master Agility Jumper
March 2009 CPE Level 3 Standard agility   September 2012 AKC Master Bronze Jumper
April 2009 CPE Level 3 Fun Games   March 2013 AKC Master Bronze Agility
June 2009 AKC Novice Fast  
August 2009 USDAA Performance Standard 1, Performance Relay 1, and Performance Dog 1      
October 2009 CPE Level 3 Handler Games and Level 3 Strategy Games (finishes all L3)      


English Springer Spaniel - Rose 5 weeks
4 weeks. How did I end up in here? See I can stand still. Even at 5 weeks I'm quite the little lady, living up to my rose colored ribbon. I'm happy since I got my way, my name is Rose, short for Rosanne. 8 weeks old, I'm a "keeper." Especially since my mom wants a girl. My doggie mom said we had to keep a boy too, so Aidan stays as well. 
English Springer Spaniel - Rose 12 weeks
I would have sat still. My mom didn't have to put ME in the tin can.  October MOTC Halloween party. Mama, Aidan, and I got to go get our pictures taken.
I'm 5 months old now. Don't tell anyone, but I help Aidan get into the mischief.  I'm 5 months old. We went to our first ever show, a fun match at BESSA. I went Best of Opposite Sex Puppy. I could like showing. May 24, 2005 at the ESSFTA National held at Geneva on the Lake, OH
 Mom's friends helped get photos overlooking the lake. Photo shoot at the Muncie Children's Museum for the MOTC calendar. 14 mos October 2005 at the Toledo Kennel Club dog show.
The roses were in full bloom. I am innocent. I am not the one that chews on Aidan's ears. He blames me for everything. He's the one that causes all the trouble. 22 mos. At nearly two, I know I am all grown up. I even trot most of the time now.
Feb 2007. Snow, snow, snow everywhere. My mom let us go out and play in it. It is still over our heads even though it is beginning to melt. June 2007. At nearly three, I am a busy girl. We are showing in Conformation, and Rally. August 2007. My first agility trial! I finished my CPE Level 1 Standard and Handler Games titles this weekend.
Oct 2007 at the ESSFTA National in Lexington KY. I played in agility, earning qualifying scores with placements in Novice Jumpers and Novice Standard. Then I got to behave myself in the conformation ring. Then I really played in the rally ring. I can jump real high! Spring, spring, spring...
I kept four feet on the ground long enough to get my last leg in Rally Novice Aidan and I both finished our Rally Novice titles at the National. We had a great time. February 2008. Mom sent me out with Eileen to finish my AKC Championship.
May 2008. Look no feet on the dog walk! I've been playing a lot in CPE agility since I came home from Eileen's. May 2008. I am in Level 3 for most of my classes in CPE and I am just about done with my AKC Novice Jumper title. June 2009. Lebanon IN. I had a GREAT weekend in Lebanon. I finished my Novice Fast title and earned my first Excellent leg.
September 2009. ESSFTA National at Purina Farms. I am following in my mama foot prints. I get to spend some of the time in the chair at ringside too. October 2009 Marshall MI agility trial. It was cold and wet. I didn't care. I ran fast! We brought home lots of ribbons and finished some titles this weekend.
We had a great time. Maybe we'll go back another time. November 2009 at the Yorktown park. It was a nice day for pictures.
I got to go stay with my mom's friend in GA. My new friend, Ripple gave me a green frog. May 16, 2010 my 6 puppies by Cabot were born. 3 girls and 3 boys. I am telling them secrets.
May 2011 at Dayton OH I finish my CPE Agility Championship. Jackpot sure is hard. May 2012 I got all cleaned up and my picture taken.
July 6, 2013 my 3 puppies by Ollie were born.
2 boys and 1 girl
Rosanne | Aubrey

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