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CH Bordalyn's White Shoulders CD TD CGC

(CH Bordalyn's Emperor x CH Bordalyn's Beloved)
"Perry" x "Charlie"

black/white female born July 3, 1983
Hips OFA Good - CERF Normal



Brenna came to us from the last litter that Bonnie Bosley (Christiano) of Bordalyn bred. She was my first "conformation show" dog so she had to put up with a novice handler learning the ropes. I put several points on her then she went to visit Karen Miller (Loujon) to finish her championship. Brenna's brother Bandit, A/C CH Belvoir Caveat of Bordalyn, eventually went to live with Cindy Wheeler (Mystic) and appears behind many of her dogs.

On March 14, 1986 Brenna whelped a litter of seven puppies sired by CH Sycamore's A Team. Tegan, Brendael's Midnyht Special, is the puppy we kept from this litter. A litter sister Morgan, Brendael's Glowing Moment, went to live with Rob Satoloe and Jeff Burgin of Birchwood to become one of foundation bitches at Birchwood.

On March 4, 1989 Brenna whelped her second litter of five puppies sired by Northminster's Imperator. Kaitlin, Brendael's Special Luv Begins, went to live with Jean Kirkman (Charity). Kaitlin eventually returned on a co-ownership with Jean.

Brenna has completed the following titles:

  November 1984 AKC Tracking Dog
  July 1985 AKC Companion Dog
  April 1987 AKC Champion
  March 1994 AKC Canine Good Citizen Certificate

Brenna was one of the first dogs at our training facility to complete the AKC's Canine Good Citizenship test at nearly eleven years of age.

My kennel is named after her. Bren for Brenna and dael - the Old English spelling of dale = Brendael.


I am 10 weeks old. I get to fly on an airplane with my new mom. I was VERY good on the plane, even if they made me ride in the cargo hold. 5 mos
11 mos. 1984 On the way to the National. My "cousin" is taking me for a walk. I am 1 year old today. I am growing up nicely.

I finished my tracking title at 16 mos. I ran the track so fast my mom had trouble keeping up. The man said he never saw anyone go so fast. 21 months. I just finished my Companion Dog title. Just a little over 2 years.
My seven puppies by T. It's my mom's first litter too, so we are learning together.  I like to play with the puppies. I am out showing with Karen Pricket (Miller) going Best of Winners in Arkansas
We had a birthday party, complete with hats and cake too. Happy 4th birthday to me. 4 years or so. Playing with mom's niece.
We all had our pictures taken this day. My son Kellen, Me (Brenna), and daughter Tegan. I might be getting old, but I still enjoy playing with my grand kids.   11 years 1994. Me and my "step-sisters."
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